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Dear Parent(s),

We are pleased to announce that Escambia Public Schools has signed up to use a new, searchable online database for K-12 parents called Parents K-12.

As Part of Parents K-12's online offerings, you will be able to:

  • search grade-level academic activities in math, science, social studies/history, reading/language arts
  • search general academic resources like "Preparing for the Florida Comprehensive Assessment" or "Getting Ready for Grade 4 Reading"
  • read brief overviews of academic topics your child will be learning about in the classroom
  • print fun, academic activities to do with your child at home
  • give your child concrete strategies for doing better on tests, completing homework, doing research, and writing reports
  • listen to resources in English and Spanish

This valuable database of grade-level-specific resources is available free to parents of Escambia Public Schools


  1. Go to ParentsK12
  2. Click on the Login button on the bottom right or center part of the screen.
  3. Enter the following information to login:
  • Student ID: [esc+your student's ID] (for example: esc######)-to find out your childs student ID please call the school and ask for the data clerk.
  • Password: parent
  • Click Login to enter Parents K-12

We look forward to working with you to support and enhance the academic success of our children


Escambia Public School & Lincoln Park Staff